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"There are a finite number of building block rhythm patterns 

from which all larger, more complex patterns are constructed." 




This core statement defines the scope of The Elements of Rhythm, Vols. I & II. Our series organizes and presents those finite rhythm patterns in a very logical format that lets you explore them in a wide variety of applications. 


Performers, educators, composers, music theorists, ethnomusicologists, as well as music therapists and drum circle facilitators will find that any possible rhythm pattern has its origin on these pages. 


Music researchers in the fields of neuromusicology, music cognition, linguistics, and motor control can also use the rhythm patterns for systematic exploration of rhythm and meter, further linking the arts with the sciences.


Whatever your interest, The Elements of Rhythm, Vols. I & II offers a comprehensive binary rhythm pattern theory resource that provides a systematic means of studying the evolution of rhythm patterns in measured time. And it all starts with silence and sound ...

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